Whether you are a complete beginner, a recreational skier or a professional athlete our experienced coaches will offer you all the appropriate instructions and tips to help you take your riding to the next level. Individualized sets fit to each one’s ability is the key.

Beginners. Don’t just stand on the beach, watching other people waterskiing and thinking that you are too embarrassed to give it a try. Our school has all the equipment (boat with a learning boom, special skis for beginners) and of course qualified coaches so that you can safely enjoy the best possible experience.

First, we give you a dry land lesson on our jetty and then you give it a try on the training boom on the side of the boat. By the end of the ski set you will be able to feel the magic sensation of sliding on the water on your skis!

Intermediate-Advanced. Improve your riding technique, fix mistakes of the past and reach your full ski potential through the guidance and expertise of our qualified coaches. A slalom course is also available!

Kids. We have developed special teaching methods for toddlers starting from the early age of 3. We make sure that the little ones have an enjoyable first initiation to the world of waterski that will make them love the sport in the future!