Suitable for all ages and all skills levels.

Whether it’s the first time you put your feet inside the wakeboard boots or you land 720’s our school can meet your riding needs in a safe controlled environment.

For those of you who are just starting out there is a beginner’s wakeboard boat available which creates a small wake ideal for your first steps. It is also equipped with a training boom on the side. Your coach will give you a dry land lesson and make sure you have understood everything before you enter the water. That way you can take full advantage of your time in the water. It is almost guaranteed that you will be sliding on your wakeboard by the first lesson!!

For those of you who are looking to improve their riding skills and land new tricks a Mastercraft X2 with three extra tanks holding up to 600 lt of water is available on site. The wake is BIG and perfect! Before you hit the water our coaches will discuss with you about your goals for the set and what you would wish to achieve. They will then give you specific technical instructions and explain every element of the trick before you hit the water. If you wish you can also get some dry land training (which we always recommend) like static rope simulation drills and indo board exercises. One you hit the water the real fun begins... the boat can carry up to 9 persons so you and your friends can share an amazing wakeboard experience, watching each other riding, filming some good wipe outs and having fun listening to your favorite tunes!!