What type of watersports do you provide?

We offer waterski-wakeboard-wakesurf-wakeskate and barefoot. We also offer fun rides on inflatable toys such as rings, tubes, flyfish, sofas etc. SUPs (Stand Up Paddles) and water pedalos are also available on site.

How does a beginner’s lesson work?

First you get a dry land lesson where the whole procedure is explained and practiced on the dock. Then its time to hit the water! At first you get a couple of tries on the learning boom beside the boat. Once you master the “getting out of the water” step, you get a long rope and

How long does it take to learn?

Obviously everyone learns at a different pace, but you can expect to be up and waterskiing or wakeboarding if not during the first lesson, by the second.

Are watersports dangerous?

Yes, there is a potential danger in watersports but the same could be said for virtually any sport! Generally speaking it’s much safer than football for example. Assuming that all precaution and safety measures are taken the sport is pure fun! However it is important that boat driven watersports are practiced by specialized ski/wakeboard instructors and qualified boat drivers. Always wear a life jacket!

At what age can young kids start?

There is no age limit. The answer would be “ When the kid is ready and wants to try”. At our school we start at around between the ages of 3-4. We use kids friendly teaching methods and our primary goal is to offer kids a memorable and fun first experience. Swimming is not a requirement since they all wear floatation devices.

What do I need to bring?

Towel, sun cream, bathing suit, and your good vibes! We provide you with all the rest unless you have your own equipment, which is more than welcome.

Are there sharks or any other dangerous marine creatures in the water?


Are there any health/swimming requirements?

If you have any health issues you need to mention it to your coach or someone from the schools staff before you enter the water. There are no swimming requirements since you are always wearing a life jacket. You don’t need to be in any particular fitness level.

Do I need to book?

Our school does not work on a booking basis. Especially during the busy months of July and August there is a first come first serve policy. Bookings are made ONLY during the first early morning hours and for large groups.

Are there special packages for many lessons?

Yes, please refer to our price section.

Is there anything else to do besides watersports?

Yes, you have many options! Some of them would be, lie on a sunbed and work on your suntan, have a cold drink and a light lunch at the Paros Park beach bar, play tennis rackets or volleyball at the beach, wander around the bay on an SUP (stand Up Paddle board), discover secluded little beaches and dive into turquoise crystal clear waters or hike on the marked tracks of the Paros Park and discover the unspoiled beauty of the Agios Ioannis peninsula. There is also a secret spot for cliff diving where the highest drop would be 16 meters!!! Multiple lower drops are also available.