paros natural high mapNatural High Board-ing school lies on a stretch of 80 hectares within the peninsula known as Agios Ioannis Detis on the NW side of the bay of Naousa. The peninsula is an area of exceptional beauty and purity, a truly authentic Aegean land and seascape with an interesting inland and coastline, serene beaches, translucent waters, impressive rock formations, caves, hidden coves, and beaches with crystal clear waters and a natural harbor.

The school is sheltered during the summer from the prevailing winds. Fortunate to be in a bay it gives us the opportunity to be able to wakeboard/water-ski in flat water in the majority of different wind directions and force. Surrounded by classical Cycladic geology Natural High has beautiful hikes in nearby treks, a Russian monastery for sightseeing and a club restaurant in the same bay for amusement.

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How to find us

Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands, so the tourism infrastructure is quite developed. It has a national airport (hopefully international in a few years!), one of the busiest ports and many different accommodation options, from five star hotels to camping areas. In less than 5 minutes drive from Natural High wakeboard school you can find either accommodation option. Rental cars, buggies and motorbikes are some of the best ways to explore the island.

  • Natural High board-ing school can be reached by car, motorbike or taxi.

    From Parikia take the Parikia-Naousa road and turn left at the sign for Kolimbithres and continue till the end of the road. Travel time is approximately 20-25 minutes. From Naousa take the road towards Parikia, turn right at the sign for Kolimbithres and continue till the end of the road. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes.

  • You can also get there by boat from the port of Naousa.

    Schedules are regular to and from Monastery beach during the summer months. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes.