SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

There is no better way to explore the magical beauty of the bay than with a stand up paddle board. Over the years Stand up Paddle boarding has become very popular mostly because it offers to everyone the chance to explore and enjoy nature and sea life on a board and at the same time exercise at a low pace. Yes it feels good to spend countless hours floating over turquoise pristine water soaking up vitamin D! Because it is a low impact sport it addresses to everyone no matter their age and no previous experience is required. Furthermore, SUP is an ideal activity for families or big groups of friends. Our staff will show you the basics first on land and then on the actual board and then you are good to go!

Our school is equipped with a wide variety of different board shapes and sizes to choose from.

The bay of Agios Ioannis Detis or commonly known as Monastiri offers to it’s visitors a unique natural landscape comprised of sculptured rock formations, colorful wildflowers, hidden coves, mystical caves and pure golden sandy beaches. Its beauty is truly a sight for sore eyes! And the SUP (Stand up paddle board) is the perfect mean by which you can discover and immerse yourselves to this natural beauty of turquoise pristine waters, pure secluded little beaches and feel the ultimate sense of freedom and happiness of your soul!

Another alternative to SUPs are the water pedalos suitable for bigger groups or families with small children. Equipped with waterslides they are perfect for some fun family time!